Our standard grooms include all the essentials. Your pet will receive a spa bath, hair cut, ear cleaning, nail trimming and anal gland expression. Your pet will also go home with a bandana or bow! The cost of your pets visit will vary based on breed, size, coat and temperament. Call or visit today to speak with a groomer and/or schedule your appointment! 

Here at Shaggy Paws, we maintain a very busy schedule. To help us ensure a smooth-running day and a positive experience for your pets, we want to ensure all appointments are filled properly so each pet has adequate time for his/her spa day. If you cannot make your scheduled appointment time, please let us know as soon as you can. We do require 48-hour notice of cancellation, or a fee of half of the groom may be added to your account and payment will be required before any future appointments may be scheduled. We are very understanding that life happens, things come up, we will approach each instance individually and address it as needed.  Saturdays are our busiest and most requested day, a no call/no show on a Saturday may result in no longer being able to come in for a grooming on Saturday as well as a no-show fee, equal to half of the groom, which will be added to your account and payment will be required before any future appointments are made.  

Like any appointment-based business, our daily schedule depends upon appointments being kept. Your booking is a reservation for services, and as much as we always look forward to seeing your smiling faces and wagging tails, we can only take a limited number of bookings per day. A missed booking is a loss of income to a small business (for example, 4 no shows in a week could equate to $300 in lost revenue- we are sure no one would like to lose this amount from their weekly wages)  

As a courtesy, reminder calls are made daily for weekday appointments and 72 hours prior to Saturday appointments. We ask that you please put reminders in your phone or calendar as well at the time you make your appointment. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

We are super flexible with drop off and pick up times and offer Saturday appointments for those who can’t come during the week. However, we do have a strict late pick up policy. We will always give an estimated time of pick up at sign in. We do ask you pick up within 1 hour of us calling. Pets not picked up within a timely manner will result in a $25 daycare fee being added to their account.


In addition to standard grooming, we offer specialty shampoos, nail filing, teeth brushing, and more! Of course, you can request any grooming item(s) as a la carte. 


Shaggy Paws carries a wide variety of premium dog and cat food, treats and pet bakery items. As well as, toys, collars, harnesses, beds, supplements and grooming products.